White tigers for sale


To have a rare white tiger?


  • 2 white male tiger, ages 4 and 5 years
  • 1 white male tiger, age 10 years
  • 1 white female tiger, age 8

Adult Exotic Animals for Sale: (please note, only for non-czech buyers) We invite you to visit! Come to us to choose and take exotic animal, we are located in Europe, the Czech Republic, in Prague. All animals are registered with papers. We will help arrange the documentation for the export of animal health documentation and advise breeding. Private 1. Zoo in Prague - Bašť and  2 ZOO Doksy  Ludvík  Berousek. Our website for our animals for film and advertising: www.zvirataprofilm.cz/zoopark-doksy

Furthermore, for sale:

1 pair of white lions - the age of the moon

2x male lion - one year old

2x lion and lioness - one year old, white

5 x White Lion - ages 11 to 16 months

5x White Lion - age 2-4 years

3x male tiger normal - age 2-3 years

3x male white tiger - ages 2 to 6 years

2x TYGON - male and female - age 4 years

1x female African leopard - age 4 years

3x African leopard - black mold - females - ages 3 months

8x Barbary Macaque - age of one month to 10 years - 6x female, 2 males

10 bulls and cow zebu - age 1-7 years

2 water buffalo - two years old

8x pig Chinese - age 1-4 years

10 x Dutch dwarf goats

12x Dwarf Pigs - piglets 12 pieces - from 14 days to 2 months

Donkey home - 2x mare, stallion 2x, 1x foal

Donkey French salary - 1 stallion, mare 4x - ages 1-10 years

3x chicks camel, one white, 4 months old

Group of camels - two brown males, 1 white male + female white cub (3 months old)

4x dromedary - neutered - age 2-3 years

5c big red kangaroo - age 10 to 12 months

Please note, animals are ether for sale or also possible for exchange! We also offer komplete acts with dressage!

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