About the Berousek family

The luxurious station for the animals was built in 1999 by Ludvik Berousek. The Berousek family has the love and understanding for animals in their blood and the tradition is being continued by future generations.

Ludvik´s father was the owner and founder of Circus Bernes and owned a lot of animals. In 1964 he stopped with the circus and continued with a travelling zoo. The interesting family history of the Berouseks has also been published in a book (“Berousek – a circus dynasty is born in 1756”). The dressage tradition is being carried on by Robert and Ludvik and Ludvik´s grandchildren are working in 10th generation already. Everybody working in the zoo is available for the animals 24/7 and puts all their heart and soul into the work. The zoopark also breeds their own exotic animals and all animals are under the constant control and observation of Dr. med. Dusan Osvald.